Keratosis Pilaris Home Treatment Tips For Everyone

Published: 15th June 2011
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The exact number of sufferers can be only guessed as many times it is mistaken for basic acne. The specific cause of this unsightly skin problem is not known. There are many minor triggers that can bring up Keratosis Pilaris, but none of them were verified as the main cause.
KP can appear anywhere on you skin. However, it will more likely hit the big skin areas as back or legs. This disorder is also know as chicken skin. This skin condition is not really harmful, still it can cause a lot of soul pain as it looks pretty nasty. When it appears on the face it is a complete catastrophe. Before you go to shop and purchase any health supplement to handle this sickness, take a look at your medical doctor and ask him for an tips. Go to your medical doctor and tell him to recommend you few home KP remedies you can try.

Now read through 3 basic home remedies and choose one most suited for you KP condition.

1. Use a skin moisturizer
Even when you do not have pilaris, it is crucial to maintain your skin moisturized. Taking a shower or washing for long intervals is discouraged since this strips the skin off the essential oils that keep it moisturized. After the baths when the skin is dried up, put on a natural cleansing soap on the skin. After taking a shower or bathing, pat your body dry lightly with a soft towel and put on an emollient or a moisturized to seal in the skin's moisture.
Using products that contain beneficial substances like propylene glycol, urea, and lactic or salicylic acid are generally proposed.

2. Detox and Exfoliate
Although KP is not connected with acne, the mud in the skin pores can lead to its development as well. Everyday cleansing with a gentle soap and exfoliating will help preserve the gunk out and clear out any further break outs. Be gentle to the most affected skin parts while using the cleansing it. Look for a cleanser that has emillients inside. For an all natural formula, equal parts of olive oil and sugar would do the trick.

3. Eat Healthy
Fat and unhealthy food are a great trigger for acne and keratosis pilaris as well. Try to avoid these and go on a healthy diet plan. Fresh food consists of great amount of natural vitamins that is beneficial for KP treatment. If you suffer from any allergies, talk to your doctor what you should or shouldn't eat.

It is not rare for keratosis pilaris to be aggravated or triggered by food allergens. For those with unknown food allergies, it would help to keep a food diary where you can note your food intake as well as describe the severity of your skin condition. A healthy dose of foods with Omega-3 fatty acids are believed to help alleviate keratosis pilaris and improve skin texture.

Try each of these remedies and note not every single one is suited for every KP sufferer, you have to experiment little bit. There are other natural products in the market that you can use to take care of your skin problem yourself. Also look for some forums related to skin issues in general or related specially to KP. You can find many useful information there. KP is totally harmless and it is not contagious, so you have time to do a proper online research for the best natural treatment suited exactly to your KP condition.

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